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The Oaxaca's culinary tradition it is extraordinary and very deeply rooted. There are fourteen different ethnic groups, with their own dishes.

It is an area of incomparable wealth for the tourist interested in gastronomy, ethnology and culture in general. Oaxaca is the land of mezcal, tlayudas, and the famous seven moles. You have to dedicate several days to it. Oaxacan gastronomy is one of the cultural manifestations that identify and define its people, due to its variety, richness and complexity that have been preserved through the centuries. The best way to enjoy Oaxacan food is by tasting it, from the “strong” dishes that are used to enjoying at lunchtime; like the traditional Oaxacan snacks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

In the process of preparing Oaxacan dishes, a series of ingredients are combined, starting with beef, pork, mutton, turkey, chicken or fish: up to the presence of chili peppers, tomatoes, aromatic herbs and spices.

The gastronomy of Oaxaca has a variety of moles of all flavors and colors, we find in Oaxacan lands from: Mole negro, Mole rojo, Mole coloradito, Mole almendrado, Mole chichilo, Mole amarillo, Oaxaca-style chicken livers, Tasajo, Mixtec pozole, Cecina, Cat broth, Chapulines, Tlayudas, Chickpea broth, Oaxacan sausages, Chepil rice, Caldillo de vigilia, Chiles stuffed with sardines, Serrano chili sauce, Chicatana ant sauce, Chepil tamales, Fish tamales from Isthmus, Chiles de agua stuffed with quesillo, Chiles pasilla stuffed with picadillo, among other culinary delights.

And all the variety of regional sweets, you can taste a rich burnt milk, fritters, tuna snow and burnt milk, Yema bread with chocolate.

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